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Sweet and Sour Capsicum Jam on Cream Cheese

Sweet and Sour Capsicum Jam normally poured on top of a soft Cream Cheese would be one of those recipes I call an essential, it’s a speedy recipe I have under my sleeve in case I have unexpected visitors coming home. A great crowd pleaser and a certain stand out in every party.

It is a great recipe full of contrasting flavours, delectable ones that will have you going for more after each bite.

Venezuelans consider this recipe traditional however its origin is unknown, I would say it has its origins in Asia, those sweet and sour notes and sticky texture it can only remind me of sweet and sour pork and Asian inspired dishes.

Most recently strolling through the supermarket I saw a lot of sweet chili cream cheese and new dips that include some sort of sweet chili syrup, once you turn upside down it resembles this recipe.

Sweet and Sour Capsicum Jam it’s so easy to make and you most likely have the ingredients at home.


Capsicum, vinegar, water, and sugar for the classic one, and for an added depth of flavour I decided to swap half of the sugar for Panela* which is an unrefined type of sugar made by reducing cane juice until it is syrupy and then dries and sold in blocks, it has a toasty molasses-like taste and it is also a bit salty giving any recipe a bit of an umami touch and caramely notes, you can find this grated in the bakery section at Woolworths and Coles or in Hispanic groceries, it could be swapped for dark palm sugar or Rapadura sugar.


You can try adding spices to the sweet and sour mixture, to make it more interesting, adding clove, peppercorns, or star anise, will elevate the flavour profile a bit more and add fun spin. If you want something a bit more similar to sweet chili sauce, substitute the capsicum for sweet chili (about 250gr) and add garlic.


With crackers, bread sticks, wafer biscuits.

Is it only for cream cheese and crackers?

No, the jam itself can be stored in the fridge and be used as a dipping sauce for nuggets, chips, spring rolls, and as a base sauce for a stir fry.

“This recipe was translated and updated from my old blog miexperienciaculinaria.com on the 04/10/2020”

Sweet and Sour Capsicum Jam on Cream Cheese

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Sweet and Sour Capsicum Jam on top of soft cream cheese, a quick and easy party pleaser, that will have you finger licking.


  • 1/2 red capsicum

  • 1/2 green capsicum

  • 1/4c vinegar

  • 1/4c of water

  • 1/2c of sugar (or 1/4c of sugar and 1/4c of panela)

  • 250 g of cream cheese


  • In a pot, place the vinegar, water and sugar and cook over medium heat until the sugar has dissolve.
  • Add the capsicum diced very small, let cook for about 20 min until you reach a thick syrup consistency.
  • Let the jam cool completely at room temperature.
  • Grease a mold with a nice shape but not too big, soften the cream cheese a little and press it against this mold.
  • Turn it out on a serving plate.
  • Pour the Sweet and Sour Capsicum Jam on top of the cream cheese allowing to flow to the sides.
  • Reserve in the fridge until serving time.


  • Jam can be stored separately until serving time.
  • Jam can be stored in a seal container for a month.