About Guava by Keyma

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Welcome to Guava by Keyma, your go-to page for cooking inspiration with a twist and exciting flavours. I am dedicated to giving you the very best recipes, which had been tried and tested in my kitchen numerous times with a focus on featuring delicious food, and exploring different cuisines and ingredients all of which had influenced my style of cooking till now, going through, Latin, Caribbean, and Spanish flavours, that are part of my Venezuelan roots through to other recipes I’ve tried and loved including Italian, Hungarian, Portuguese, Mediterranean cuisines, among others, which are cultures that were very present in my surroundings when I was growing up.

Founded in 2020, Guava by Keyma has come a long way from its beginnings that go as far as 11 years ago when I migrated from my home country Venezuela to Melbourne Australia, it started as a Spanish written food blog named Mi Experiencia Culinaria, translated as my culinary experience, in which I documented my cooking journey and served as a mid to share my recipes with my family and friends back home. This blog is still live and you can browse the recipes here >

When I first started out, my passion for cooking will be mainly driven by my need to share my daily experiences in the kitchen with my loved ones, which then lead me to learn more and more about cooking, also inspired by my newly discovered reality show Master Chef Australia which would showcase all these amazing Amateur cooks in tv, and soon I just wanted to be like them, years and years after watching many cooking shows, going to some cooking courses, reading tons of books, recreating long-forgotten recipes from mum and granma and obsessing about cooking techniques I founded Guava by Keyma not only offering newly developed recipes but also featuring a much matured and grown side of my cooking experience, being more daring with my flavour pairings and combining different techniques to achieve traditional recipes in a better way.

Guava by Keyma is based on research and lots of trials, I try to understand the recipes and the roots as well as the techniques and then create my version and interpretation of it, these recipes come from the heart, some of them packed with nostalgia remembering flavours from my past, and others looking to introduced newfound flavours from my surroundings interpreting the multiculturality of the city I live on now, showcasing an amalgamation of cultures, and the way that culture represents me at the moment, the more I learn the more I wish to offer a more refined and evolve cooking with my recipes.

I hope you enjoy the recipes and stories as much as I enjoy making, trying and documenting them for you. I work on the blog on my own and do it entirely as a hobby, but if an opportunity knocks at my door to do this and cook in a more professional way I will be happy to take it.

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me.